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Manufacturing Excellence Solution



Make Your Insights Actionable

IMEX is an Industrial IoT platform that turns the data from your shop floor into actual action with powerful applications of your manufacturing equipment that reduce downtime, increase productivity, and maximize profits.

Connect & Collect

State-of-the-Art communication protocols based on standard connectivity protocols such as OPC UA, Euromap 63, and many more.

Real-time data collection from machines, databases, HMIs, systems of records, LMS, CMMS, 4Ms Man, Methods, Machines, Measures

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Visualize & Act

Unique, intuitive , drill down and most importantly persona based dashboards for manufacturing KPIs, Out of the box alerting, and reporting

Predict & Prevent

Loaded with out of the box AI/ML engine, allowing to set up anomaly detection and prediction. resulting in to planned maintenance driving predictive culture

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Jumpstart your Manufacturing Efficiency!

ITHENA’s IMEX solution can provide an industrialized, digital tool for users to improve operational efficiency – immediately and consistently for your manufacturing operations!

It is a lightweight solution with the capacity to extend and grow as per business needs and use cases. This can be achieved with access to real-time visibility, workflows configuration, and reporting along with alerting capabilities into manufacturing operations, in the easiest and quickest possible way, making it user-friendly.


Increase in Performance


Increase in Quality


Increase in Avalibility


Less Deployment Time

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